Interactive Microclimate Studies for Climate Adapted Cities

In collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Henning Larsen, this project aims to develop an interactive software package for urban microclimate simulations. The purpose is to assist architects and urban planners in selecting optimal design scenarios for climate adaptation. Based on the open-source library OpenLB, our framework reduces time-to-solution in microclimate studies from days to minutes, allowing for rapid, data-driven exploration of design scenarios. We establish collaborations between academia and practitioners to enhance the software's capabilities, and aim to incorporate features like vegetation cooling and air pollutant modeling. The expected results include a significant reduction in simulation time and the democratization of complex knowledge for wider adoption by non-expert users. Aligning with EU priorities for climate-adapted cities, this project supports the Ramboll Foundation's focus on sustainability and digitalization.

This project is funded by Ramboll Foundation

Simulation depicting a segment of the KIT Campus KIT
Simulation depicting a segment of the KIT Campus