Numerical simulation of convective boiling using lattice Boltzmann method

Project description
The focus of this project is the development of open source models and simulation tools to study convective boiling in microchannels using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). Boiling heat transfer in microchannels is an efficient cooling process for microdevices such as computer microchips. The numerical simulation of such a complex phenomenon requires a lot of computational effort. In this context, LBM emerges as a promising numerical method for computationally efficient multiphase simulations due to its suitability for massively parallel computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPU). As the development of multiphase LBM is much newer than other standard numerical methods such as Volume of Fluid (VOF), the successful application of LBM to simulate microchannel flow boiling is a challenging task.

This project is funded by Humboldt Foundation