OpenLB is an object-oriented implementation of the Lattice Boltzmann methods (LBM). It is the first implementation of a generic platform for LBM programming, which is mainly developed by the LBRG and shared with the open source community (GPLv2). Meanwhile, several research groups worldwide contribute to the code that is written in C++ and used by application programmers as well as developers from various scientific disciplines and industries. OpenLB supports complex data structures that allow simulations in complex geometries with custom multiphysics models and parallel execution using e.g. MPI and OpenMP on heterogeneous high-performance computers. The source code uses the concepts of interfaces and templates, so that efficient, direct and intuitive implementations of the LBM become possible. The efficiency and scalability has been checked and proved by code reviews and various benchmarks. The current release, a user manual and a source code documentation by DoxyGen are available on the project page