Sedimentation of arbitrary shaped particles

Sedimentation Beliebig Grosse Partikel In this project the sedimentation behaviour of arbitrary shaped particles which cannot be described by simple analytical equations is investigated. Considered are dilute as well as concentrated suspensions. For the simulations a new developed homogenised Lattice Boltzmann method is applied. The influence of the particles' shapes on the behaviour of the whole suspension is studied, aiming at the development of new models to improve the prediction of sedimentation processes.


  • Talk: F. Klemens, T. Henn, M.J. Krause; Homogenised Lattice Boltzmann Method for Particulate Flow Simulations; 25th International Conference on Discrete Simulations of Fluid Dynamics, Shenzhen, China
  • Paper: M.J. Krause, F. Klemens, T. Henn, R. Trunk, H. Nirschl; Particle Flow Simulations with Homogenised Lattice Boltzmann Methods; Accepted for Particuology