Current Projects

  • FALCON (EU-funded, since January 2024)
  • Potential for damage to fruits (BMWi via AiF/FEI, since May 2020)
  • Fundamental investigation of particle-layer rearrangement in ceramic wall flow filters by resolved particle simulations (DFG, from May 2019)
  • Development for an passive cooling system for electrical vehicles (BMWI, from 2019)
  • Spring School on Lattice Boltzmann Methods with OpenLB Softare Lab (since 2017)
  • Development for an on/off isolation (BMWI, since 2018)
  • A two-scale approach for the simulation of multi-dimensional separation of fine particle systems (DFG SPP, since 2018)
  • Modeling and Simulation of Irradiance for Photobioreactors with Complex Geometry for Exploration of Algal Growth (DFG, since 2018)
  • Charakterisierung von durchströmten Gefäßen und der Hämodynamik mittels modell- und simulationsbasierter Fluss-MRI II (HAW, since 2017)
  • Simulation of Flow Measurement Devices (Industry, since 2017)
  • Characterization of Flow Domains and Fluid Flows by Model- and Simulation-based Flow MRI (DFG, since 2016)
  • High Performace Computing for Projects in Computational Process Engineering: Optimal Control and Adjoint LBM (State of Baden-Württemberg/Germany, since 2015)
  • OpenLB – An Open Source High Performance Lattice Boltzmann Code for Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Clusters (NHR@KIT)
  • Hemodynamics at High Spatio-temporal Resolution by Comparative Visual Analysis of 4D PC-MRI Data and CFD Simulation Ensembles (DFG)
  • Numerical Simulation of Convective Boiling using Lattice Boltzmann Method (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, since 2023)
  • Numerical Simulation of Flow Dynamics in a Ceramic Filter Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method (CAPES, since 2023)

Previous Projects