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The Lattice Boltzmann Research Group (LBRG) is an interdisciplinary research group aiming at taking advantage of novel mathematical modelling strategies and numerical methods to enable large-scale simulations as well as optimal control of fluid flows for applications in the field of process engineering. The LBRG aims at a better fundamental understanding of suspensions in general as well as for the improvement of mechanical processes and medical treatments. In particular the LBRG designs and uses models, algorithms and open source simulation tools as OpenLB always taking advantage of modern high performance computers for the simulation of e.g.

  • Particulate fluid flows
  • Thermal flows
  • Turbulent flows
  • Material transport and chemical reactive flows
  • Light transport
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Flows in porous media and complex geometries

The LBRG’s teaching and education concept is project- and research-oriented, offering for example basic programming courses, lectures on parallel computing, software tutorials and advanced seminars on particular fluid flow simulations as well as optimal control theory.
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Latest News

2023/06/28 – Successful Doctoral Colloquium of Stephan Simonis

Stephan Simonis successfully passed his doctoral thesis examination entitled: "Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Partial Differential Equations".

Congratulations to the candidate and the reporters PD Dr. Mathias J. Krause, Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Mishra and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tim Reis!

2023/06/12 – LBM Spring School in Greenwich successfully finished

The executive committee is happy to announce the closing of the 6th LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab. We hosted 50 participants from 15 countries this year. Congratulations to Martijn Gobes from the Netherlands for winning our poster award.

We are already busy planing next years spring school. The 7th spring school is planned to take place in Heidelberg/Karlsruhe in Germany from March 4th to 8th 2024. n.

Thank you all for attending the 6th spring school in Greenwich!

On behalf of the spring school executive committee.

2023/05/02 – 2nd Call for the 6th Spring School – Early Bird by 10th of May
Early bird registration is open until the 10th of May 2023 for the 6th Spring School on Lattice Boltzmann Methods with OpenLB Software Lab. It is held in Greenwich/London (UK), from 5th to 9th of June 2023:

More information | Registration

On behalf of the spring school executive committee.

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