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Secretariat – Math Department

Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics 2
Building 20.30 Room 3.012

Englerstraße 2
D-76131 Karlsruhe

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Office hours:
Mon. - Thu.: 10:00-11:30

Tel.: +49 721 608 42680

E-mail: contact@lbrg.kit.edu

Secretariat – Process Engineering Department

Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics
Building 30.70 Room 205

Straße am Forum 8
D-76131 Karlsruhe

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Office hours:
Mon. - Fri.: 9:00-12:00

Tel.: +49 721 608 42401

E-mail: contact@lbrg.kit.edu

Welcome to the Lattice Boltzmann Research Group

The Lattice Boltzmann Research Group (LBRG) is an interdisciplinary research group aiming at taking advantage of novel mathematical modelling strategies and numerical methods to enable large-scale simulations as well as optimal control of fluid flows for applications in the field of process engineering. The LBRG aims at a better fundamental understanding of suspensions in general as well as for the improvement of mechanical processes and medical treatments. In particular the LBRG designs and uses models, algorithms and open source simulation tools as OpenLB always taking advantage of modern high performance computers for the simulation of e.g.

  • Particulate fluid flows
  • Thermal flows
  • Turbulent flows
  • Material transport and chemical reactive flows
  • Light transport
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Flows in porous media and complex geometries

The LBRG’s teaching and education concept is project- and research-oriented, offering for example basic programming courses, lectures on parallel computing, software tutorials and advanced seminars on particular fluid flow simulations as well as optimal control theory. Read more

Latest News

2020/05/12 – LBRG student member Marc Siodlaczek wins award for the best simulative Bachelor's thesis 2019

Marc The Bachelor's thesis with the title "Evaluation of the accuracy of the thermal Lattice Boltzmann method in the transition to turbulent flow", which was supervised by the LBRG, was awarded with the prize for the best simulative Bachelor's thesis by the VM-Verein.

2020/05/01 – New project „Potential for damage to fruits“ funded by BMWi via AiF/FEI starts

The research centers TU Berlin (Institute for Food Technology and Food Chemistry, Department of Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering) and KIT (Lattice Boltzmann Research Group) cooperate to determine the potential damage to fruits in fruit mixtures during processing. Read more

2020/04/02 – Project “Virtual Collaboration Laboratories“ funded by the state

Within the project, the team headed by Dr. Mathias J. Krause consisting of mathematicians and engineers from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Dr. M. Rädle) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Prof. Dr. W. Dörfler, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Nirschl) is making existing VR/AR hardware technologies available for teaching to enable a modern education of students in the natural and engineering sciences.
It is one of five projects that are supported by the Ministry of Science of the State of Baden-Württemberg with funds from the digital@bw digitization strategy.

2020/03/13 – Spring School 2020 successfully finished

LBM Spring School 2020 The executive committee announces the closing of the third LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab. We were happy to host 60 participants from nine countries, including five invited speakers in Berlin, Germany. This year’s poster award goes to Dominik Wilde et al. from the University of Siegen, Germany.
Next year, the 5th spring school (https://www.openlb.net/spring-school-2021/) in planned to take place at the University of Greenwich in England/UK form 2021 May 31st to June 4th.

On behalf of the spring school executive committee, Nicolas Hafen, Mathias J. Krause, Harald Kruggel-Emden, Christopher McHardy, Cornelia Rauh, Holger Stark, Robin Trunk

2020/01/02 – New team member Jan Marquardt

He is working on the simulation of particle-laden fluid flows in a collaboration of LBRG with the group Process Machines (Link) of Prof. Dr.-Ing Hermann Nirschl.

2019/12/11 – Workshop in Porto Alegre/ Brazil Successfully Finished

Workshop Brazil LBM Workshop with OpenLB Software Lab in Brazil Successfully Finished. The executive committee announces the closing of the LBM Workshop with OpenLB Software Lab at UFRGS in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We were happy to host 35 participants including five speakers from LBRG (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany). The workshop took place in the framework of the Brazilian-German PROBRAL project “Mesoscopic Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Development of Models andComputational Strategies for Complex Structural Bioinformatics Problems” supported by CAPES and DAAD. On behalf of the workshop executive committee, Marcio Dorn, Mathias J. Krause,Stephan Simonis.

2019/11/25 – Hiwi Job Available (C++ Programming) Read more

2019/11/20 – Pre-Christmas get-together of the LBRG

Weihnachtstreffen Christmas meeting: The pre-Christmas celebration was attended by graduate workers, Hiwis and PhDs and former employees.

2019/10/23 – Registration Open for the Fourth Spring School on Lattice Boltzmann Methods with OpenLB Software Lab. Read more on the OpenLB website

2019/09/17 – The international workshop “Data-driven Modeling and Optimization in Fluid Mechanics“ successfully finished. Read more

MORE NEWS: Read more