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The Lattice Boltzmann Research Group (LBRG) is an interdisciplinary research group aiming at taking advantage of novel mathematical modelling strategies and numerical methods to enable large-scale simulations as well as optimal control of fluid flows for applications in the field of process engineering. The LBRG aims at a better fundamental understanding of suspensions in general as well as for the improvement of mechanical processes and medical treatments. In particular the LBRG designs and uses models, algorithms and open source simulation tools as OpenLB always taking advantage of modern high performance computers for the simulation of e.g.

  • Particulate fluid flows
  • Thermal flows
  • Turbulent flows
  • Material transport and chemical reactive flows
  • Light transport
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Flows in porous media and complex geometries

The LBRG’s teaching and education concept is project- and research-oriented, offering for example basic programming courses, lectures on parallel computing, software tutorials and advanced seminars on particular fluid flow simulations as well as optimal control theory.
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Latest News

2022/07/06 – OpenLBrezel

To celebrate the end of our time in home office due to Corona, the LBRG had a get-to-gether on June, the 6th. We enjoyed to meet again in person and got to know each other better while having a giant pretzel and a cup of coffee.

The pretzel is now honorary member known as OpenLBrezel.


2022/06/10 – LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab in Kraków successfully finished

The executive committee announces the closing of the fifth LBM Spring School with OpenLB Software Lab. We were happy to host 51 participants from 8 countries, including 4 invited speakers in Kraków, Poland. This year’s poster award goes to Pavel Eichler (Czech Technical University in Prague).

Next year, the 6th spring school is planned to take place at the University of Greenwich in England/UK from 2023 June 5th to 9th.

On behalf of the spring school executive committee, Nicolas Hafen, Mathias J. Krause, Paweł Madejski, Tomasz Kuś, Navaneethan Subramanian, Maciej Bujalski, Karolina Chmiel.

Spring School 2022 KIT

2022/05/14 – LBRG at the KIT campus day

The LBRG presents its high performance fluid flow simulations using a desktop computer at the KIT campus day.

LBRG at KIT campus day KIT

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