Theses Offered

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Theses Offered
Topic Contact Type
Analysis, evaluation and optimization of AR/VR applications for school and academic education Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Modeling of a plate and frame filter press for a digital twin Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Simulation of the adsorption in micropores due to the surface electro-chemical potential Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Simulation of the reactive flow with resolved particles Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Simulation of the corona virus distribution respecting the evaporation of the saliva and mucus. Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Turbulent flow in the CSH particle pores Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Development of a fluid flow model for the formation of particle layers Masterthesis
Simulation of particulate matter structure detachments from wall-flow filters Bachelorthesis
Existence of weak solutions for the BGK-Boltzmann equation (Existenz schwacher Lösungen für die BGK-Boltzmann-Gleichung) Masterthesis
Solutions for transport equations (Lösungen von Transportgleichungen) Bachelorthesis
Simulation of reactive flows with the Lattice Boltzmann Method (Simulation reaktiver Strömungen mit Lattice-Boltzmann-Verfahren) Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Comparison of different optimization methods for optimal flow control (Vergleich verschiedener Optimierungsverfahren zur optimalen Kontrolle von Strömungen) Bachelor-/ Masterthesis
Development of a model for coarsely dispersed suspensions Masterthesis
Numerical analysis of different lattice Boltzmann models for Diffusion-Reaction equation Masterthesis
Thermische Turbulenz Simulation mit der Large Eddy Lattice Boltzmann Methode Masterthesis
Simulation of particle deposition in 3D filter media - A study on the influence of shape parameters Masterthesis
Validation and parameter study for the simulation of arbitrarily shaped particles Bachelorthesis
Investigation of the collision behaviour of arbitrarily shaped particles Masterthesis
Study on the behaviour of the dynamics of arbitrarily shaped particles in a turbulent regime Masterthesis
Stability analysis of lattice Boltzmann methods for advection–diffusion equations Bachelorthesis
Stability analysis of lattice Boltzmann methods for turbulent flows Masterthesis
Advanced filtering operations for large eddy lattice Boltzmann methods Masterthesis
Kinetische Schemata für nichtlineare Wellengleichungen Masterthesis
Code generation for automatic differentiation (AD) in LBM Bachelor- / Masterthesis
Usage of various accelerators in a heterogeneous LBM framework Bachelor- / Masterthesis